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The dream of minimal hair damage made a reality by Glampalm
  • Tested on women with healthy hair who were in their twenties by the Hair and Scalp Laboratory (SEOUL,KOREA)
  • Test results showed that after using a competitor’s iron, there was
    damage to the hair and a breakdown of the cuticle.
  • After using Glampalm, there was little damage to the hair and the overall condition of the hair was scientifically proven to be nearly identical to its comdition prior to testing
Hair styled with glampalm is scientifically proven to have ‘almost no hair damage.’
  • One of the comments we got after conducting a survey to Glampalm users was that their hair was glossier and lessdamaged with Glampalm compared with other products, To scientifically prove this opinion, we requested a university laboratory to conduct independent testing
Test 1
Glampalm VS Competitor A
Test restults
The hair styled using Glampalm demonstrated minimal damage and the condition of the cuticle was nearly identical to its condition prior to testing.On the contrary, the hair styled using Competitor A’s product showed obvious damage including scratches,deterioration,and even total removal of
the cuticle.
Test 2
Glampalm VS Competitor B
Test restults
Hair styled with Glampalm showed some minor split-ends, but was otherwise fairly healthy, On the other hand, hair styled with Competitor B’s product without a doubt revealed that the cuticle layer of the hair had been split, removed, pressed and bent or severely roughen, The cells of the cuticle layer were shown to have broken or peeled off.