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We can’t guarantee a product that we haven’t made. So to be 100% certain that you're buying a genuine GLAMPALM, make sure you purchase it from an authorized, professional salon that stocks GLAMPALM. Counterfeit irons are meant to look like original products, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a valid sales receipt from the salon that you purchase from.

We strongly advise you not to purchase from any individual other than a registered salon. Remember to keep your original proof of purchase.

Our stylers are of the highest quality & standards, they are designed to provide you with years of valuable service. Every GLAMPALM product has been through intense quality control testing at our manufacturing plant in South Korea which is ISO certified.

However, should your product prove to be ineffective in any way, due to faulty workmanship or materials, within a two year given period of you purchasing it - then, at its sole discretion and subject to the terms of this guarantee, GLAMPALM undertakes to repair or replace your product as quickly as possible.
Authenticity & Product Registration
Holograms can be copied. Therefore, GLAMPALM irons have each been given their own unique identity code thanks to a
state-of-the-art RFID chip.

This chip is embedded in your iron to protect you and your product from fraud. To confirm authenticity, please contact us via email or
Click Here to register your new
Glampalm Product.
Guarantee Procedures

If your Glampalm product has a technical problem within two years of purchase -
kindly click here to complete the online form

A service consultant will arrange for your iron to be replaced as soon as possible. Should you have any queries please contact your nearest GLAM PALM OFFICE for quick and
efficient service or email customercare.